“There is no place like home”


As they said, there is no place like home.

Almost 5 months since I left Philippines and came here in Okinawa. I really miss Philippines and my everyday life there.

I miss my home so much. I really miss my mother, father and my brother and also other relatives and friends that are very close to me. I was thinking about them everyday. I want to see again the landscape and many flowers in our house.

I miss going in many far places with my motorbike. I hope to ride this motorbike again soon.

I miss taking a photo of sunset and sunrise in our place.

I miss playing soccer.

I miss taking care of our pigs.😂🐷🐷🐷

Anyways even though I am very far from my home country. I still manage to enjoy my everyday life here in Okinawa. Because I am living here with my wife and I am sorrounded by many good friends and officemates.😄😀